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Biblical Choices for a New Generation presents four themes through the year.  First, lessons present the concepts of faith and obedience as displayed in the lives and choices of the men and women who reigned as Israelis judges.  Second, students realize that God is more concerned with our availability than He is with our ability.  Third, as we study the last week of Jesus’ ministry, each lesson brings the children closer to the great act of God on our behalf, the atoning death of Jesus Christ.  Students are given the opportunity to respond to Jesus’ amazing sacrifice. And last of all, the choice to carry out Jesus’ Great Commission is emphasized in the turn-around choices made by Peter, Stephen, and Paul.  

Students learn to express themselves completely and clearly when they communicate.  In the language program they learn to write in complete sentences and to express their thoughts in different ways.  They learn the parts of speech, dictionary skills, letter writing, sentence structure, and creative writing.

English 3 for Christian Schools by BJU develops the correct use of English grammar in written and oral communication.  It also encourages clear and effective writing, develops study and reference skills, and improves listening and speaking skills.

Legible handwriting is a critical skill not only in the classroom, but in life as well and is taught and practiced in the classroom.

BJU Math 3 teaches place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, data & graphs by using manipulatives for an interactive approach to learning.  The 3rd grade curriculum develops computation and problem solving skills, reinforced by daily review.

Reading 3 for Christian Schools by BJU emphasizes comprehension and develops phonics systematically.  The reading books are filled with interesting stories of all genres that the students enjoy reading.

Science by Christian Schools International is a science program filled with a Biblical perspective that leads students to see God’s hand in everything around them.  The program materials contain interest-provoking pictures, projects, and hands-on activities that serve as a basis for scientific concepts and relate them to everyday life.

Students study scientific investigations, the circulatory and respiratory systems, plants, forces and electricity, heat and temperature, soil, natural resources, and structures.

Social Studies:
The primary text book is Our Communities by MacMillan/McGraw Hill.  It’s partnership with the National Geographic Society ensures unparalleled geographical content, enabling the students to better understand the world.  Citizenship skills are taught and students discover and learn to appreciate the importance of patriotism.  Topics such as economics, government, history, technology and culture are covered throughout the year.

Purposeful Design Spelling approaches spelling as a critical literacy skill that strengthens reading and writing ability. This series provides delightfully interesting and varied word study activities for both phonetically-consistent pattern words as well as high-frequency words.


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