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In the Old Testament, students learn the Books of Law, History, and Poetry. They also learn of the major and minor prophets. New Testament studies include the Gospels, Paul’s letters, and prophecy. Through daily discussions, weekly Chapel, and many outreach opportunities, students learn to incorporate the teachings of the Bible into their lives.

Students continue the study of the phonetic codes of our language. There is concentration on comprehension skills, and all literary genres, including adventure, fantasy, and historical fiction.

Math is intentionally and methodically taught and emphasizes basic facts and problem solving strategies. Included are studies in addition, subtraction (including borrowing), place value to 100,000, time & calendar, money, geometric shapes, fractions, rounding, multiplication and division facts through 5, line graphs, and estimation.

Phonetically grouped spelling lists that support the reading and language program are introduced weekly.

Students study parts of speech and correct sentence structure. Students have ample opportunities to practice writing interesting, creative paragraphs and stories. Students use the five step writing process and are introduced to research reports.

This hands-on approach strengthens powers of observation through group interaction and experimentation. Units covered include “Bones and Muscles”, “Health and Safety”, “Animals”, “Liquids and Solids”, “Position and Motion” and “Buoyancy and Boats.”

Social Studies:
Units of study include world geography and map skills, branches of our government, our Founding Fathers, and Colonial Times. To introduce holidays, students learn of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and other public figures.


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