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Kindergarten - A Full Day Program


We love Bible in Kindergarten! God loves us so much and has created each one of us in His own special way! During Bible time we explore the stories of the Old and New Testaments and learn many important lessons from the Bible characters. Obedience, Faithfulness, Honesty and Forgiveness are just a few of these important character building traits. In Kindergarten we learn how God wants to grow all good things in our hearts and the importance of taking care of "The Garden of our Heart." Memorizing scripture, singing praises to God and praying for others daily help us learn how to share God's love. When we ask Jesus into our hearts, His light can truly shine!

Numbers are AMAZING! The Kindergarten class establishes a solid recognition of numbers and their value. Students build upon this knowledge by sorting, classifying, studying shapes and creating patterns, graphing, measuring, adding and subtracting. They enjoy learning about time and money and gain an understanding of the calendar while memorizing the days of the week and the months of the year.

The exploration and discovery of science is so much fun in Kindergarten! The science curriculum centers around several theme-based topics introduced on a weekly basis. Apple week, The Five Senses, Hibernation, Polar Bears and Icy Friends of the Arctic, Insects/Butterflies, The Ocean, Space, and The Rain Forest are just a few of our many adventures!

Social Studies:

Fashioned after The Travels of Flat Stanley, our Kindergarten Social Studies program follows the travels of our beloved Weather Bear. Weather Bear chooses not to hibernate like other bears and instead travels around the globe, sharing with our class the wonders of the countries he visits. The class looks forward to hearing about his many adventures as we learn about our beautiful USA as well as places like Australia, England, Japan and Africa! Weather Bear keeps a passport and we do too! It's an adventure!

Reading and Language Arts:

One of the most exciting things a child can learn in Kindergarten is how to read! Our reading program begins with a strong foundation in the skills of letter recognition and letter sounds. Short and long vowels, letter blends, sight words, sentences, and eventually our very own stories! The ABeka phonics program, the Land of the Letter People and the Treasure of Children's Literature are the keys used to help each child develop the joy of reading.

The skill of learning handwriting is taught using the Zaner Bloser manuscript method (Printing). The students are taught proper grip and formation with daily practice using worksheets, student journals and Kidwriting.

The Kindergarten class participates in several specials each week, including: Gym, Music, Art, Spanish, Library and Computer. The students love their specials classes and the opportunities they offer allowing each child to enjoy new learning experiences.


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