Junior High
Grades 6 Through 8

Social Studies

Social Studies creates a framework for personal identity by exploring the societies, cultures, communities, and geographical sites of ancient and current civilizations. Students learn to live within their own social system, see it within the context of world cultures, and observe how the hand of God has worked through the ages. The courses integrate media, technology and map skills to enhance understanding. Students use critical thinking skills to learn about the world around them and their roles as responsible citizens.

Grades Social Studies Scope and Sequence
6th World civilizations, geography, and cultures
Topics include: Early Christianity, Greece, Rome, Ancient Arabia, Medieval Africa & Europe, The Renaissance, Reformation, Ancient India and China, Expansion, World War I and WW II.
7th American history from the first civilizations through 1845
Topics include: United States geography, Native Americans, Exploration, Colonial America, The American Revolution, the Presidents from Washington through Jackson, Government and Political Parties, and the Constitution.
8th Eighth Grade studies American History from 1845 through 1930
Topics include: U.S. and World Geography, Manifest Destiny, North and South Culture and Economy, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Western Frontier, the Industrial Revolution, Urban America, the Progressive Movement, and Overseas Expansion.




Social Studies

English Language Arts


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