Junior High
Grades 6 Through 8


The Crossroads math program reinforces and builds on prior knowledge. It is sequentially and methodically taught with an emphasis on knowledge of mathematical facts, computation, and problem solvingAs supplements to the primary textbooks published by Saxon, a wide variety of resources and teaching techniques ensure the understanding of the concepts taught and encourage critical thinking. All math courses meet the Common Core Standards, and emphasize the vocabulary, computation, and problem-solving strategies of mathematics. Courses are progressive and students are placed according to ability.

Courses 1-3

There is no new math in algebra – only new language and symbolism.  Courses 1-3 help to connect arithmetic thinking to algebra.  All the needed algebraic concepts and terminology are covered giving the students success in algebra. 

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Steps for solving word problems
Ratios and how to solve a proportion
Patterns, relations and functions
Order of operations – applied to whole number, integers, rational numbers and exponents
Understanding variables and expressions, equations and inequalities
Analyzing patterns and functions, leading to graphing on the coordinate plane

Course 4:Algebra I

An in-depth study of algebra that includes such topics as histograms, stem and leaf plots, systems of linear equations and their solutions, functions, functional notation, graphs of functions, and translation and reflection of graphs.




Social Studies

English Language Arts


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