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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade is a transition year from the primary grades to the intermediate grades. Essentially the student moves from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Study skills are emphasized and greater academic independence is encouraged throughout the year.

Students study the Old Testament. They learn about the different Major and Minor Prophets as well as study the background to the events that unfold. Students are encouraged to process the morals and lessons learned and apply them to their lives.

Students become proficient in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of whole numbers, and fractions. They also study shapes, area, perimeter, and conversion of measurements. There is an emphasis on solving two-step word problems.

Social Studies:
Fourth Grade studies the history and geography of New Jersey through digital study and research.  They study explorers, the Lenape Tribe, colonial times, the Revolution, the branches of government, the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution through historical and cultural, regional studies of the United States.

Through a hands-on approach that emphasizes observation and experimentation, students study units about:  organisms, rocks and minerals, human organs and body functions, light, and food packaging and nutrition.

Students study various works of fiction. Classical books are read to study the literary elements of plot, setting, theme, and characterization. 
Students will also be challenged through various hands on projects based off of each novel, such as novel board games, created 'book apps,' 'news reports,' dioramas and more.

Grammar units include the parts of speech and their proper use.  These units are taught alternately with a composition unit.

A basal reader, short stories, news articles and various short non-fiction texts are read and studied with interactive organizers and activities which are used to teach comprehension and reading skills.

Class Trips:
Students travel to The Great Swamp, the Statue of Liberty, Site and Sound Theater and participate in a 3-day outdoor education trip to Spruce Lake Retreats.


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