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Fifth Grade


Beginning with Genesis, Fifth Grade students study God’s Word as it related to the people of the Old Testament and how it still relates to us today. They cover such events and people as Adam and Eve, the flood, Moses, the Exodus, and David.

Reading & Literature
Students work on improving oral and silent reading comprehension skills through the use of the reading text, Pages in My Head.  They will explore selected literary selections throughout the year that will challenge them to think beyond the written word.  They will also be challenged through presenting book reports quarterly and independent reading for the Reading Challenge.

English Language Arts:
Correct grammar usage in written and oral language is taught and encouraged through the Bob Jones University Press English curriculum. Writing is encouraged through the Four Square Writing method and forms of both expository and creative writing are explored.

Students learn from traditional spelling lists and vocabulary lists from Social Studies, Literature, Science, Reading, and Bible texts.

Students continue to study Math using the A BEKA curriculum, which introduces new concepts while constantly reviewing previously learned concepts.  Extensive work with fractions, decimals, and units of measure is covered. The students are exposed to algebra, probability, percent, and other areas of mathematics.  There is also a concentration on problem solving strategies.

Social Studies:
The Social Studies text, The World and Its People, provides a starting point in the study of the early history, geography, and cultures of the Americas, Eastern Asia, and the Pacific.  Students learn how to use maps and globes, are exposed to foreign foods, and learn about ways in which God is moving around the world.

Using a text from Christian Schools International, students study science from a Christian perspective. Among the topics covered are cells, nutrition, agriculture and forestry, and force and motion.  Students have the opportunity to explore science using both traditional and hands-on methods.

Organizational Skills:
Students are encouraged to manage their time using a weekly assignment book and to organize their materials by filing papers correctly and promptly in their binders. Outlining and note taking skills are reinforced in Science, Social Studies and other classes.


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